Services - High Pressure Washing and Wood Protection

Wood Patio Gallery Terrace Wharf

If you're looking to bring your deck, porch, terrace or wooden pier back to life, our power washing service is the perfect solution!

We use industrial equipment to remove dirt and stains without damaging your wood. The results are amazing. You will find its new appearance.


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High pressure cleaning of wooden surfaces

Cleaning & Sealing

Colourless waterproofing

High pressure cleaning

Advantages of wood protection

Protects and & extends the life of structures

Colourless waterproofing

Protects against water, frost and sun

Extends the life of structures

Linseed oil based protection

Does not leave a film on the surface

Improves appearance

Contains fungicides and anti-UV agents

Cleaning & Sealing

Outdoor wood protection is essential to preserve the patio, deck, pool surround and more. After a rigorous high-pressure cleaning, the application of a colorless water repellent with fungicidal and anti-UV agents can be done on the wood. This protection will prevent premature blackening. This linseed oil based water repellent is essential for protection from sun, frost and ice. This clear coating extends the life of wood structures.

Our expertise since 1995 allows a neat work and a renewed appearance. We will be able to meet the most demanding expectations and a highly professional service. With our 100% guarantee, you can have peace of mind.