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Epoxy - Polyuera -Polyaspartic

To extend the life of your stoop, your steps, to offer your home a prestigious look, choose the industrial epoxy

We offer a variety of epoxy flooring for your stoops that are durable, stain resistant and easy to clean. Our epoxy flooring can transform your stoop into a sleek, modern and functional space, while adding an extra layer of protection against the elements and everyday wear and tear.

How do you coat a concrete stoop with epoxy, polyuera or polyaspartic?

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Your stoop allows you to choose colors for all tastes.

Flakes of color



 Collection Standard



 Signature Collection



 Custom Collection

A range of over 1000 colors is available upon request!

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Concrete surface

Cleaning, repair and protection and protection

High pressure chemical cleaning

Cleaning of efflorescence

Water blasting of rust stains

Water repellent based on siloxanes

Concrete repair (cracks, crumbling, etc.)

impermeable beton traite piscine

Benefits of protection

Protects & improves appearance

Protects against oil, gasoline and dirt

Prevents and stops water infiltration in porous or micro-cracked structures and materials.

Prevents erosion, spalling and cracking caused by water, calcium or salt penetration, acid rain and freeze/thaw cycles.

Facilitates cleaning

Improves appearance

Does not stain or stick to the soles

Prevents premature blackening

impermeable beton traite

Repair, cleaning & Protection

Pool surrounds and porches require the installation of a polyuera membrane to provide a permanent protection solution. Polyuera is the most suitable and resistant product for concrete surfaces around the pool and on porches, galleries or patios. This industrial membrane is essential for large surfaces to be protected such as concrete pool slabs, stoops and garages.

Preparation is crucial to achieve a permanent membrane. The cleaning of efflorescence, the removal of rust stains and old paint is done with a diamond wheel.

Polyurea coatings have a very high resistance to wear and chipping. This type of membrane is very easy to maintain. The elegance of Polyurea’s coating is unmatched thanks to our wide range of colors and flakes.

In addition, concrete repair may also be necessary if spalling or cracking occurs. Polymer cement and epoxy can then be used for maximum strength.

Our expertise since 1995 will allow us to meet the most demanding expectations. Plus, with our guarantee, you can have peace of mind.