Prostationnement started its activities in 1995. Located in Levis, on the South Shore of Quebec City, Prostationnement offers its services throughout the province of Quebec thanks to its well-established network of franchisees. Prostationnement has set itself apart from the competition by offering a complete range of products and services for the repair, cleaning and waterproofing of all pavement, brick and concrete surfaces, whether residential, commercial, industrial or municipal.

Over the years, we have become the most important company in the field of cleaning and waterproofing company in the Quebec City area. We offer a wide range of products and services for the cleaning, repair and protection of cleaning, repair and protection of coatings on residential and commercial buildings. Today we are proud to be the reference in Quebec City and this is the result of our impeccable reputation and strong presence in the region. It is not for nothing that Prostationnement is well visible in the television, radio and print media, its reputation cannot be doubted. In addition, Prostationnement was the official supplier of the Kinsmen House for many years.

Archive: advertisement aired on TQS in 1996 (these services are no longer available)

Advertisement aired on TeleMag on the HabitatMag program (these services are still available)


We are committed to the well-being of children and financially support the Opération Enfant Soleil organization. In fact, it is our policy to donate the equivalent of every donation our clients make to Opération Enfant Soleil.



Being able to count on a competent staff and collaborators, Prostationnement has known how to surround itself in order to offer products and services of the best quality and this, at a very competitive price. All our equipment is the latest and most advanced technology. Confident in the quality of all its work, and employing only qualified personnel and proven products, Prostationnement guarantees all its achievements.


Prostationnement holds a $2,000,000 civil liability insurance policy. This coverage includes personal and property damage after the work is completed. Furthermore, all Prostationnement clients are protected by a financial guarantee as they hold a construction contractor’s license issued by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec. Furthermore, Prostationnement is endorsed by the Association Provinciale des Constructeurs d’Habitation du Québec (APCHQ).


Member of the Mutuelle de Prévention de l’APCHQ, Prostationnement is committed to a vast prevention program that serves to constantly innovate in its work methods in order to further increase the safety of its employees and the people surrounding the work.


Conscious of the importance of environmental conservation, Prostationnement uses biodegradable cleaning products, solvent-free protective sealants and industrial waterproofing products with very little solvent.


Holder of the Construction Contractor License issued by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) as a general and specialized contractor for the following categories

Specialized Contractor Category:

  • 4204 Concrete Finish
  • 4205 Marble, granito, ceramic and terrazzo
  • 4208 Pool
  • 4212 Flexible coverings
  • 4224 Metal cladding
  • 4240.1 Painting of buildings
  • 4281.2 Nested Pavement
  • 4500 Sealing and waterproofing

    RBQ License: 8007886803


Each recommended company working in the residential sector is evaluated according to rigorous criteria:

  • Credibility and qualifications
    (number of years in business, required permits and licenses, professional affiliations, complaint verification, etc.)

  • Solvency
    (verification of the company’s financial health)

  • Compliance
    (presence in the Quebec Business Register, bids, contracts and invoices, tax numbers, liability insurance)

  • Reputation of the company
    (survey by an external firm of the company’s clientele, including the quality of the work performed and customer service, the courtesy of the staff and the return of calls)