Services - Cleaning and Protection of your Pavement

Polymer Sand Gaskets

Whether it is for your SLABS, your PAVES, INTERBLOCS or even to redo the POLYMER SAND JOINTS that have become tarnished and filled with weeds over time

Industrial pressure cleaning and our specialized protection products such as water repellent, will meet your needs, guaranteed!

For a real professional cleaning and protection, a small pressure washer is not enough. Our equipment is industrial grade, our techniques avoid redoing the work the following year. We have been in the business since 1995. Entrust us with your needs, we take care of your surfaces!

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Polymeric sand pavers and joints

Repair, cleaning & Protection

High pressure chemical cleaning

Cleaning of efflorescence

Water and rust removal Stains

Repairing pavement joints with polymer sand

Protective urethane sealant

Benefits of protection

Protects & improves appearance

Protects against oil, gasoline and dirt

Prevents and stops water infiltration in porous or micro-cracked structures and materials.

Prevents erosion, spalling and cracking caused by water, calcium or salt penetration, acid rain and freeze/thaw cycles.

Facilitates cleaning

Improves appearance

Does not stain or stick to the soles

Prevents premature blackening

Advantages of polymer sand seals

Ants & Weed resistant

Stays in the joints more than any other sand

Erosion resistant

Reduces weed growth

Resistant to ants and other insects

Stabilizes the roadway

Repair, cleaning & Protection

The imbricated coating requires cleaning and maintenance as well as sealing from time to time. First, efflorescence removal, water blasting of rust stains and high pressure cleaning may be required.

Subsequently, the installation of polymeric sand is essential for the aesthetics and stability of the interlocking pavement. This polymeric sand mixture is made of graded natural sand and a flexible binder that stays in the paving joints more than any other sand.

The application of a natural, satin or wet look protective sealer can give the most demanding homeowners the protection, shine and luster they are looking for. It protects against oil, gasoline and dirt. The sealer can be applied to pavers, interlocking slabs and exposed aggregates.

We are able to provide a professional service of superior quality that meets demanding expectations thanks to our experts and know-how for 30 years, not to mention our warranty of up to 4 years. Instead, enjoy your summer and contemplate your layout with Prostationnement.