How do I install Polymer Sand?

What is Polymer Sand?

Polymer sand is a granular material specially designed for use in joints between pavers and stones.

It consists of fine sand particles mixed with a polymer, usually polyethylene. When polymer sand is wetted and compacted, the polymer acts as a binder, hardening the sand and creating a stable, solid surface.

Why use polymer sand?

Polymer sand offers many advantages for paving and landscaping projects:

  1. Paver stability: polymer sand fills the spaces between pavers, creating a stable surface that prevents pavers from shifting or sinking under pressure.

  2. Preventing weed growth: By filling the joints, polymer sand forms an effective barrier against weed roots, preventing their growth.

  3. Water resistance: Polymer sand is water-repellent, repelling water to prevent infiltration between pavers, which can cause damage in winter.

  4. Durability: Designed to withstand the elements, polymer sand retains its stability and strength over time.

  5. Easy maintenance: Polymer sand is easy to maintain. When joints sag, simply add additional polymer sand to restore stability.

Steps to Replace Polymer Sand

Replacing polymer sand is a crucial step in the maintenance of interlocking paving stones. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Clean the surface

Before replacing the polymer sand, make sure the paver surface is clean and dry. Follow the cleaning steps outlined above to remove dirt and debris.

Step 2: Remove existing sand

Use a blower or broom to remove existing polymer sand from the joints between pavers. Be sure to remove any worn or damaged sand.

Step 3: Apply new polymer sand

Use a small broom or polymer sand applicator to fill the joints between the pavers with the new sand. Make sure the sand is evenly distributed in the joints.

Step 4: Compact the sand

Once the polymer sand has been added, use a hand compactor to firmly pack the sand into the joints. Make sure the joints are well filled.

Step 5: Sweep away the excess

Use a broom to remove excess polymer sand from the surface of the pavers. Make sure that the surface is clean and that the joints are well filled.

Choosing the best polymer sand

When choosing polymer sand, consider the following factors:

  • Brand: Some brands are renowned for the quality of their polymer sand, so do your research and read the reviews.

  • Color: Polymer sand is available in different colors to match your project. Choose the one that best suits your aesthetic needs.

  • Particle size: Check the particle size of polymer sand to make sure it’s suitable for your paving joints.

  • Compatibility: Make sure the polymer sand you choose is compatible with the material of your pavers.


Tips for Ongoing Maintenance

In addition to regular cleaning and replacement of polymer sand, here are a few tips to keep your paver in perfect condition:

1. Seal joints

Applying a quality sealant to paver joints can help prevent water penetration and extend the life of polymer sand. Consult a professional to choose the best sealant for your project.

2. Avoid aggressive chemicals

When cleaning your paver stones, avoid using corrosive chemicals that could damage the stones or polymer sand. Choose mild, environmentally-friendly cleaners.

3. Regular maintenance

Plan regular maintenance of interlocking paving stones, including cleaning and replacement of polymer sand. This will help maintain the beauty of your outdoor space and avoid costly repairs in the long term.

4. Qualified professionals

If you’re not sure how to clean or replace polymer sand, we recommend you call in qualified professionals. They have the expertise and experience to carry out these tasks safely and efficiently.


In conclusion, uni-stone is a beautiful and durable flooring material, but it requires regular maintenance to maintain its beauty and stability. Cleaning the interlocking paving stones and replacing the polymer sand are essential maintenance steps. By following these tips and investing time in maintaining your interlocking paving stone, you can enjoy a beautiful, functional outdoor surface for many years to come.

Don’t forget to call in qualified professionals if you have any doubts or questions about maintaining your uni paver. Simply call us at 1-800-417-6215 for efficient, personalized service.