Cleaning & Waterproofing
  • Colorless waterproofing
  • High Pressure Cleaning

Advantage of protecting wood

Protects and extends the life of structures
  • Protects against water, frost and sun
  • Extends the life of structures
  • Flax Oil-based Protection
  • Leaves no surface film
  • Enhances appearance
  • Contains fungicides and anti-UV agents

Cleaning & waterprooving

The protection of wood outside is essential to preserve the patio, the gallery, pool deck and others. After rigorous high-pressure cleaning, the application of colorless water repellent with fungicide and anti-UV agents can be done on wood. This protection will prevent the arrival of premature blackening. This flax oil-based water repellent is essential for protection against the sun, the freezing and the frost. This transparent coating would prolong the life of the wood structures.

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