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PROSTATIONNEMENT Standard Colllection

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Concrete surface

Cleaning, Repair, & Protection
  • Chemical high Pressure Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Efflorescence
  • Watersandblasting rust Stains
  • Siloxanes-based Water-repellent
  • Concrete Repairs (cracks, crumblings, etc.)

Benefits of Protection

Protects & enhances appearance
  • Protects against oil, gasoline and dirt
  • Prevents and stops water seepage in porous structures and materials, or micro craked
  • Prevents the erosion, bursting and cracking caused by penetration of water, calcium or salt, acid rain and freeze and thaw cycles
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Enhances appearance
  • Does not stain or stick to soles
  • Prevents premature blackening

Cleaning, Repair & Protection



The pool perimeter and porches require the installation of a Polyurea membrane to have a permanent protection solution. Polyurea is the most suitable and resistant product for concrete surfaces around the swimming pool and on porches, galleries or patios. This industrial membrane is paramount for the important surfaces to be protected such as concrete pool slabs and porches.

Preparation is crucial for obtaining a permanent membrane. The cleaning of efflorescence, the removal of rust stains and old paint is done with the help of a diamond wheel.

The Polyurea coatings have a very high resistance to wear and scaling. This type of membrane is very easy to maintain. The elegance of the Polyurea coating is unparalleled with our wide range of colours and flakes (or flakes).

In addition, a concrete repair may also be necessary in the case of crumbling or cracks. Polymer cement and epoxy can then be used for maximum resistance.

Our 25-year-old experienced experts will be able to meet the demanding expectations of a highly professional service. And with our guarantee up to 10 years you can have peace of mind.