Bricks & masonry

Cleaning & Waterproofing
  • Chemical High pressure surface cleaning
  • Cleaning of Efflorescence
  • Repairing mortar Joints
  • Chimney Insulation
  • Water repellent treatment with siloxanes

Benefits of water-repellent protection

Impermeable & Durable!
  • Prevents and stops water seepage in porous, or microfissured structures and materials
  • Prevents erosion, bursting and cracking caused by water, calcium or salt penetration, acid rain and freeze and thaw cycles
  • Does not change the appearance of surfaces
  • Microporous – Lets the materials breathe

Cleaning & Waterproofing

Brick, stone and masonry are surfaces strongly exposed to the weather and must be protected. After repairing the mortar joints, the application of water repellent to the siloxanes is the best protection. In fact, it prevents and stops water seepage in porous structures and materials. Due to the characteristics of the siloxanes, chimney waterproofing is important for optimum protection. High pressure cleaning and efflorescence cleaning may also be necessary at the outset.

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