Salbs, paver and polymeric sand joints

Repair, Cleaning & Protection
  • Chemical High Pressure Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Efflorescence
  • Watersandblasting rust Stains
  • Repair of pavement joints with polymeric sand
  • Urethane Protective Sealer

Benefits of protection

Protects & enhances appearance
  • Protects against oil, gasoline and dirt
  • Prevents and stops water seepage in porous structures and materials, or micro cracked
  • Prevents the erosion, bursting and cracking caused by penetration of water, calcium or salt, acid rain and freeze and thaw cycles
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Enhances appearance
  • Does not stain or stick to soles
  • Prevents Premature blackening

Advantages of polymer sand joints

Ants& Weed Resistant
  • Stays in the joints more than any other sand
  • Resistant to erosion
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Resistant to ants and other insects
  • Stabilizes the pavement

Repair, Cleaning & protection

The nested pavement requires a cleaning and maintenance as well as a sealer every now and then. First, the cleaning of efflorescence, the watersandblasting of rust stains as well as the high pressure cleaning may be necessary.

Thereafter, the installation of polymeric sand is paramount for a nice look and stability of the nested or interblocked pavement. This polymer sand blend consists of calibrated natural sand and flexible binder that remains in the paving joints more than any other sand.

The application of a protective sealer of natural appearance, satin finish or wet look can restore all the protection, brightness and luster sought by the most demanding owners. It protects against oil, gasoline and dirt. The sealer can be applied to pavers, nested slabs and exposed aggregates.

Our 25-year-old experienced experts will be able to meet the demanding expectations of a highly professional service. And with our warranty up to 4 years you can have peace of mind.